The main aim of the school is to give “The total development to your ward”. So, the School ensures to provide an all-round education-söiritual, moral, academic, physical, social and cultural background to make it’s students Intelligent and useful citizens.


The Vision of the Education is to build a responsible younger generation with a healthy body and a well-trained mind with good habits and accomplishments Conductive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality.


The Mission of this school is to empower all its students to be punctual, humble problem solvers, users of modern technology, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and cooperative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario.


The Motto of our School is “PATIENCE, PUNCTUALITY &RESPONSIBILITY”. All the staff and students of the school are expected to keep the school motto always uppermost in their minds and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in their every walk Of life.


The school believes in “A teacher must be very particular while teaching in the class as his/ her every word creates effects. The pessimistic approach can destroy the desired golden future castle of the students”. So we have some illustrious teachers.

we believe in “A child learns in self”. So we provide a friendly educational environment for your ward.

The school believes in “We learn to fly but we must learn to move on earth first”.

The school gives due stress to inculcate moral values among its students. Two of the basic moral values on which due stress is given are respect and responsibility. The other few are honesty, fairness, tolerance, prudence, compassion co-operation, helpfulness, self-discipline, courage etc.